I recently completed my PhD in Computational Cognitive Science at MIT, supervised by Josh Tenenbaum. I spent the first three years mostly developing Bayesian machine learning methods for explainable AI, then the next three years studying attitude formation, political persuasion, and basically how to elect Democrats.

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Hybrid memoised wake-sleep: paper (ICLR 2022)
Le et al.

Persistence of party cues: paper (JEPS 2021)
Tappin and Hewitt

DreamCoder: paper (PLDI 2021)
Ellis et al.

Memoised wake-sleep: paper (UAI 2020)
Hewitt, Le, Tenenbaum

SketchAdapt: paper (ICML 2019)
Nye, Hewitt, Tenenbaum, Solar-Lezama

Inferring Structured Visual Concepts from Minimal Data: paper (CogSci 2019)
Qian, Hewitt, Tenenbaum, Levy

Variational Homoencoder: GitHubpaperoral presentation (UAI 2018)
Hewitt, Nye, Gane, Jaakkola, Tenenbaum

Bayesian Auditory Scene Analysis: websitepaperoral presentation (CogSci 2018)
Cusimano, Hewitt, Tenenbaum, McDermott




( Figure from Memoised wake-sleep, UAI 2020 )